21 Apr 2014

Manutahi becomes Tahiti's first ombudsman

3:26 pm on 21 April 2014

The French Polynesian government led by Gaston Flosse has succeeded in appointing the leader of Porinetia Ora Party, Teiva Manutahi, as the territory's first ombudsman.

Mr Manutahi was first chosen in July but the opposition challenged the legality of the process.

The appeal has been rejected and he is now set to open an Ombudsman's office assisted by five staff.

In the lead-up to last year's election, Mr Manutahi campaigned against Mr Flosse's party and after the loss in the election's first round, he accused it of cheating and sought to have the elections annulled.

Within days, however, he changed his mind and concluded the election campaign at Mr Flosse's side.