24 Apr 2014

Vanuatu hires yam expert from India to combat crop disease

6:47 am on 24 April 2014

Vanuatu's Agricultural Research and Technical Centre is hiring a yam expert from India to help combat a disease affecting the country's crop.

Doctor Ambraham Kuthomathatadil has been hired to breed yam varieties resistant to the common anthracnose disease.

The centre's director, Roger Malapa, says breeding hybrid yams will also be in an important step in helping farmers overcome climate change factors affecting yam crops.

"Breeding is one of the strategies that we are choosing to create different varieties and distributing them to farmers for selection according to climate change factors that is affecting them locally."

Dr Roger Malapa says Dr Kuthomathatadil will also teach Ni-Vanuatu students how to breed yams.