28 Apr 2014

Media authority head rejects Fiij Sun bias claims

4:30 am on 28 April 2014

The chairman of the Media Industry Development Authority is rejecting claims that the Fiji Sun is biased and in favour of the regime.

A number of politicians opposed to the regime say they believe the newspaper doesn't pay much attention to any of the registered parties, while it continually reports on the government's activities.

But Ashwin Raj doesn't agree.

"That is not true, I wish you could read the Fiji Sun on a daily basis because I've seen various reports on the National Federation Party, lots of attention on its new leadership. I've seen pieces by the Fiji Labour Party leader, pieces by SODELPA, PDP secretariat, and so it's there."

Ashwin Raj however says he will act on concerns that the Fiji Sun is breaching a government decree, by reporting on Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama's election campaign, despite him not registering a party yet.

He says he has to wait to receive an official complaint.