29 Apr 2014

Vanuatu chiefs head urges reconciliation to solve chiefly dispute

9:25 am on 29 April 2014

The Chairman of Vanuatu's Vaturisu Council of Chiefs of Efate Island and its offshore islands says the only way of solving disputes involving chiefly bloodline title is through reconciliation.

Chief Henry Manlaewia made the comment in his opening address at the opening of Vaturisu's tenth conference, hosted by the Pango Village council of chiefs in South Efate and attended by one hundred chiefs.

He says disputes are resolved when one chief must be prepared to stand down to allow the right one to take his place.

Chief Manlaewua says there is no other way but through reconciliation for Erakor Village, Eratap Village and Mele Village which currently have no officially accepted paramount chiefs in the villages due to chiefly title disputes.