30 Apr 2014

Solomons flood victims want assessment report

4:01 pm on 30 April 2014

A spokesperson, Linda Angookah, says government officials are at the camp every day, asking people to go back home without any assurances they will be safe.

Ms Angookah says if the victims' land is not safe to return to, the government should find new land for them.

"We need an assessment report, keep us clear that it is safe for people to go back. But if the assessment says it is not safe - so, government, can you find then a place or a land that you can relocate us where it is safe from the weather again, or flooding, or whatever disaster we will meet in the future."

Linda Angookah says the government wants to move victims sheltering in schools and the university to new evacuation centres, so that classes can resume.

But she says evacuees will refuse to move until the government can promise a higher level of sanitation, health and safety, and more supplies.