5 May 2014

Papua women protest over 'vote-buying' and lack of representation

1:43 pm on 5 May 2014

The Coalition of Papua Women have staged a rally, protesting against alleged vote-stealing and a lack of monitoring during the April the 9th legislative election.

The protest was held at the Jayapura Aston Hotel, where the Papua General Elections Commission was holding a vote-counting plenary meeting.

The Jakarta Post reports Melyna Wonateroy, a Golkar Party legislative candidate from Papua, said the coalition suspected that the scarcity of female lawmakers in Papua was due to vote-buying.

She says all their hard work as native female candidates has gone to waste because they didn't have any financial means to buy votes.

She says the women had the potential to win many votes, but they were transferred to other candidates that were better off financially.

Ms Wonateroy says the coalition had evidence of foul play, which they would present to the Constitutional Court after the meeting had concluded.