21 May 2014

American Samoa outer islands may get septic tanks

2:17 pm on 21 May 2014

The American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency says it is working with the territory's Power Authority to source federal funding to install septic systems in Manu'a.

The Environmental Agency's Deputy Director, Faamao Asalele Jr, says a survey they carried out in March found a lot of cesspools on the islands.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller, says they want to install polyethylene tanks across the islands to improve sanitation.

"They have been trying to work with the American Samoa Power Authority to jointly seek funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency. I believe that there is some funding available but it is not enough for the scope of the work that they are trying to do but they are still knocking on doors."

Our correspondent in American Samoa, Monica Miller.