21 May 2014

Dumped Vanuatu PM explains new vote

7:44 pm on 21 May 2014

The new leader of Vanuatu's opposition and dumped Prime Minister, Moana Carcasses, says his partners let him down by supporting a motion of no confidence against him.

Vanuatu MP Moana Carcasses

Vanuatu MP Moana Carcasses Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

Mr Carcasses says he had approached his political partners before the motion last Thursday and told them that if he was the problem, he would resign.

He says colleagues assured him they would vote against the motion but instead crossed the floor and joined the opposition to topple him.

He confirmed he is preparing a motion of no confidence against the new Prime Minister, Jo Natuman.

"We have established a strong opposition office with some strong leaders and we are going to make sure that the Government will be accountable of their actions on behalf of the people of Vanuatu."

Moana Carcasses says it is the constitutional right of any member of parliament to launch a motion against any government of the day.

Mr Carcasses has not confirmed how many MPs have signed his motion.