22 May 2014

RAMSI pleased with Solomons police response to riots

6:41 am on 22 May 2014

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands says the way the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, or RSIPF, responded to riots in Honiara over the weekend shows its increasing capacity to maintain order.

Rioting and looting occured on both Friday and Saturday nights, and the RSIPF, with assistance from RAMSI's Participating Police Force used tear gas to subdue the offenders.

The RAMSI deputy special coordinator, Richard Griffith, says the situation is now stable, but both police forces are on standby to respond if required.

Mr Griffith says the RSIPF is taking the lead, and the RAMSI police force is there to support it.

"What we saw on Friday night was a significant RSIPF response to the rioting, with PPF's support. And we're very happy with the way they responded and we really have genuine confidence in their ability to manage things here in-country."

RAMSI's Richard Griffith says there are no plans for any temporary increase in police numbers.