22 May 2014

Fiji Election Commission to vet NGOs work

6:41 am on 22 May 2014

The head of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement says NGOs will have to have any election-related plans vetted and approved by the elections office.

Representatives of various NGOs have met with the chair of the Electoral Commission, Chen Bunn Young, to raise concerns about Section 115 of the electoral decree, which restricts groups receiving foreign funding from campaigning on election issues.

Virisila Buadromo says the commission said it will have regulations about what NGOs can do by the end of the week.

"The only thing that we were informed quite emphatically was that at the end of this week there will be a clear set of regulations. So basically what's going to happen is, I think, that the election commission is going to be receiving programmes from each of the individual organisations and they will vet it."

Virisila Buadromo says the delay in coming up with regulations is holding back her organisation's effort to encourage women to be more politically involved and aware in the run up to September's election.