6 Jun 2014

More Nauru MPs expelled

8:01 am on 6 June 2014

Two more opposition MPs have been suspended from the Nauru parliament amid claims the government is trying to avoid scrutiny.

Three opposition MPs were banned from Parliament in May and another two - former president Sprent Dabwido and Squire Jeremiah - were suspended on Thursday for behaving in what the Government claims was an unruly manner.

The pair had opposed the earlier suspensions of Roland Kun, Kieren Keke and Mathew Batsiua.

Mr Batsiua says with just three opposition MPs left in the Parliament a scary government can operate unchecked.

"You know they have intervened in the judiciary and all they things they have done have brought disrepute to Nauru. So without the appropriate members in the House to scrutinise the bills that they have put into Parliament - today (Thursday) they rushed through 3 laws without opposition."