6 Jun 2014

Suspended Nauru MPs want legal review

1:36 pm on 6 June 2014

There is a renewed call for the Speaker of the Nauru Parliament to seek an independent legal review of the decision by the government to expel three MPs last month.

This comes as another two MPs, including a former President, were suspended on Thursday.

The Speaker Ludwig Scotty has so far only sought the opinion of Nauru's Secretary of Justice and that supports the government's controversial move.

One of the original three suspended MPs, Mathew Batsiua, says the Speaker must still seek an independent legal opinion, preferably from overseas.

He says they still maintain their constitutional rights have been breached.

"We need to bring those issues to the Supreme Court and that is what we intend to do. Fight it through the Courts because we believe we have got a very strong case because we believe that our constitutional rights and our privileges as elected members have been infringed by this government, by the motion that they have put through the Parliament that was invalid."

Mathew Batsiua, a suspended Nauru MP