9 Jun 2014

Australia sends back another pregnant woman to Nauru

11:43 am on 9 June 2014

The Refugee Action Coalition is accusing the Australian Government of being callous for sending a pregnant asylum seeker and her family back to Nauru.

The family of four was brought to Darwin from Nauru in early May in order for the woman to have a termination.

A spokesperson for the refugee watchdog, Ian Rintoul, says days after their arrival, the woman changed her mind about the termination and decided to have the baby.

Mr Rintoul says sending the family back to Nauru is cruel, expensive and pointless.

"What the government has done is taken a family that has already been through the trauma and difficulty of working out whether they will be able to go ahead with their pregnancy, bringing them to Australia, where there has been some change of heart, some reappraisal and willingness to go ahead with the pregnancy only for that family group to be dumped back on Nauru."

Ian Rintoul says the government has sent the family back to a place that cannot adequately care for pregnant women.