14 Jun 2014

PNG Police claims of peaceful resettlement rejected

8:55 am on 14 June 2014

A United Kingdom research centre is rejects claims by the Papua New Guinea police that a Paga Hill community was resettled peacefully.

About 300 people were moved from Paga Hill to Six Mile on June the 1st.

Paga Hill community leaders, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Paga Hill community leaders discuss their eviction, Port Moresby Photo: RNZ / Johnny Blades

The Papua New Guinea Deputy Police Commissioner, Simon Kauba, says it was a relocation exercise not an eviction.

He claims Dr Kristian Lasslett of the UK based International State Crime Initiative has misled the world by claiming a forced and violent eviction took place.

But Dr Lasslett says he has faith in his sources.

"Police arrived, they were armed with guns. They were accompanied by plain clothed young men who were armed with axes and bush knives. Residents were told they had to pack their stuff and leave and they were told to take down their homes or that they'd be burnt down."

Kristian Lasslett says the incident is part of a pattern of violent, enforced resettlements.