17 Jun 2014

Samoa Govt warns vendors to move off side-walk.

4:37 pm on 17 June 2014

The Samoa government is continuing to try and deter street vendors from selling on Apia's side-walks outside shops, warning they will be moved.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for looking after public lands.

It's chief executive, Suluimalo Amataga Penaia, says street vendors have been around for years, but they need a permit to operate on public land.

He says while some are co-operating, others simply aren't interested and he is warning that the rules will be applied, especially as the country gets ready to host the Small Islands Developing States Conference.

So now we are just gonna say, I think we need to enforce it, maybe we can use the police to just clear these people out, otherwise it's not really a good reflection of the town area, especially people appearing for the hosting of the SIDS conference.

Suluimalo says while the government owned Fugalei market is still being rebuilt, there are private markets with cheap spaces available.