19 Jun 2014

PNG's Sam Koim says Paraka scam extensive

5:11 pm on 19 June 2014

The head of the Papua New Guinea anti-corruption unit, Taskforce Sweep, says the corruption case engulfing the arms of government is massive and will require more probing.

The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill yesterday announced that the government was disbanding the unit because it has become politically compromised.

The move follows attempts to arrest Mr O'Neill this week in relation to his alleged role in massive illegal payments to the Paraka law firm.

The warrant stemmed from Taskforce Sweep's extensive investigation.

Its chairman Sam Koim says the agencies which made up the unit will keep investigating the scam.

"We have charged the people in relation to the recent payments but going down the years, we will find more and more people - suspects if you like - and we will bring them to justice. So it's a massive investigation, and it's just the start of it that people are jumping up and down."

Sam Koim