15 Jul 2014

Tonga political party says tourism the key

1:56 pm on 15 July 2014

A spokesperson for Tonga's Langafonua Tu'uloa political party, says the country has to put much more effort into selling itself as a tourist destination.

Tonga goes to the polls in November for the second election under democratic reforms brought in by the previous government.

Langafonua Tu'uloa did not win a seat last time but Sione Fonua says they will take a different tack in campaigning this time, trying to reach people at the grass roots.

And he says to deal with the country's critical financial woes they will push for more emphasis tourism and put more effort into preparing the country for visitors.

"We will make our place beautiful and clean and we also have to look at infrastructure, improving that to make sure the quality of the accommodation is up to a standard that is acceptable. Second, that the last stage then is to advertise Tonga."

Sione Fonua of Langafonua Tu'uloa