19 Jul 2014

Solomons breaks new ground in accountability

3:34 pm on 19 July 2014

Solomon Islands Ministry of Finance has released its first report of the 2013 Final Budget Outcome.

In his foreword, the finance minister, Rick Hou, says the publication represents a new chapter in the country's public financial management as it is the first public document to be published in accordance with the Public Financial Management Act 2013.

This document provides information to parliament on the execution of the 2013 budget which was originally passed in late 2012 and it provides advice to citizens, parliamentarians and donor partners on revenues and expenditure.

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Photo: RNZ Dorothy Wickham

It reveals that government was finding challenges with executing some donor-funded budgets last year because of reported misappropriation and fraud in the health ministry.

This has led to a slowdown in the processing of payments in the Ministry of Finance because of tightened scrutiny.