28 Jul 2014

Warning on vote-selling in Solomons

6:43 am on 28 July 2014

Transparency Solomon Islands is trying to encourage people not to sell their votes in this year's general election.

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Photo: RNZ

The organisation says the perception a vote be given in exchange for individual benefit has become the benchmark for the election of any national leader in the Solomons.

Transparency's spokesman, Daniel Fenua, says people know MPs have public funds available and they believe they are entitled to a share of that.

Transparency has condemned the practice and is running workshops around the country to highlight the problems it leads to.

Mr Fenua says this is having some impact, particularly among women.

"There is already a group of people being formed, like an anti corruption group within the provinces where they promise they will disseminate whatever information we give them and distribute the materials, and then they will contact some of the other women. And we also will be conducting some of the election activities, leading up to the election."

Transparency Solomon Islands Daniel Fenua.