11 Aug 2014

Former Fiji goverment staffer appalled at NZ stance

1:48 pm on 11 August 2014

A former chief of staff of the Fiji Labour Party says the New Zealand government is ignoring undemocratic actions by the Fiji government.

Shailendra Raju was demonstrating with protesters against the appearance of Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama in Auckland on Saturday.

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement chanted against New Zealand allowing a dictator into the country.

Mr Raju says the election on September the 17th will have little credibility due to the constant changing of the rules to suit the government.

"The Attorney-General, Khaiyum, is the one who is making these rules and he is also a competing candidate for FijiFirst so there's a clear conflict of interest and you know, we are appalled to see the way the New Zealand government is bending backwards to appease the regime in Fiji."

Shailendra Raju says the polls in Fiji that show more than 50 per cent support for FijiFirst are "way off the mark".