15 Aug 2014

Chinese hospital ship provides medical services in Tonga

10:46 am on 15 August 2014

A naval hospital ship from China has begun a one week visit to provide medical services to the people of Tonga.

Matangi Tonga reports the ship has brought 385 crew-members, including 132 medical personnel to provide physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment on board.

Doctors and nurses from Vaiola Hospital will also be on board to take part.

A team will be dispatched to carry out the same service at Vaiola Hospital and health centers throughout Tongatapu while some medical personnel will visit schools.

A patrol medical team is also expected to fly on the ship's helicopter to 'Eua to provide diagnosis and treatment next week.

It is the ships first visit to the South Pacific region, with Tonga the first stop of four Pacific countries.