25 Aug 2014

Sport: Sporting bodies call for resignations at American Samoa NOC

10:45 am on 25 August 2014

Eleven sports associations have signed a petition calling for the removal of the president and the general secretary of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee.

The associations, which make up two-thirds of ASNOC's active membership, also made other demands in their petition, which was submitted last week.

The petition asserts that President Victor Langkilde issued payments which were not approved by ASNOC's general assembly, including a cheque to the rugby union with only his signature and a $50,000 payment to a Stephen Gibson.

It also calls for the removal of Brent Young as Secretary General and a member of the Executive Committee, as he is not a national of American Samoa as required under the ASNOC articles of incorporation.

Victor Langkilde has rejected the accusations, saying all claims that are mentioned in the petition were approved by the executive board or general assembly.

He says a number of sports associations were given notices that they were not in compliance with their governance and because of their removal, certain associations have circulated the petition for his and the secretary's removal.