27 Aug 2014

Call for Tongan MPs to work together

6:25 am on 27 August 2014

Tongan MP and academic Sitiveni Halapua says it is important parliamentarians do not preclude the possibility of working with others.

Dr Halapua will stand as an independent if he decides to run in November's election after being dropped by the Democratic Party.

Dr Halapua says the party couldn't cope with his desire that they be willing to work with other MPs and the nobles.

He says the party's winner-take-all approach is old fashioned .

Dr Halapua describes his approach as 'kafataha.' [kaf far tar ha]

"It is about building, development and working towards some common goal and that comon goal has to be negotiated with others who are willing to work with us, and that is why I use the word 'kafataha.' I don't want to use the word coalition because we don't have a party system."

Tongan MP and academic, Sitiveni Halapua.