2 Sep 2014

Solomons watchdog introduces 'integrity pledge'

3:39 pm on 2 September 2014

An anti-corruption watchdog in Solomon Islands is calling for election candidates to sign an integrity pledge to show their commitment to being transparent and accountable.

Transparency Solomon Islands says in the past many candidates have swept into parliament on campaign promises they have never fulfilled.

The group's spokesman, Daniel Fenua, says TSI wants to stop that happening by encouraging candidates to publicly sign the pledge.

"We have a lot of winning candidates in the past who have actually painted the wrong picture about our Government and our parliament so we think by introducing this pledge in our country we will actually get people more serious and then our voters, or constituents, will be more concerned about their MP."

Daniel Fenua says the Election Integrity Pledge is part of the group's overall effort to counter the undue influence of money and private interests in politics.

The group is also working to encourage people not to sell their votes in this year's election.