6 Sep 2014

Sport: IOC and ONOC request reports from American Samoa

9:43 am on 6 September 2014

The International Olympic Committee and Oceania National Olympic Committee have requested complete reports into allegations made by a number of sports associations in American Samoa against two senior NOC officials.

Eleven local sports associations signed a petition last month, which asserts American Samoa National Olympic Committee President Victor Langkilde issued payments which were not approved by ASNOC's general assembly.

It also calls for the removal of secretary general Billy Young, who the petition alleges is not a US National and therefore does not qualify for the post.

Nine National Federation were suspended by ASNOC last month after being informed they were not in compliance with their governance.

In a letter this week to all 17 ASNOC sports associations, Victor Langkilde says the IOC and ONOC have requested a full report into the matter.

He says that due to the "serious nature" of the suspensions, ASNOC's executive board has decided to prioritise the IOC report and table the request for an Extraordinary General Assembly.

A separate meeting will be held today at the ASNOC conference room that is open to all who wish to discuss any issues.