10 Sep 2014

Solomon landowners claim royalties

9:14 am on 10 September 2014

Landowners warn the Solomon Islands government to pay misappropriated royalties before the Gold Ridge mine can be reopened.

The Gold Ridge Land Owners Council has warned the Solomon Islands government to repay it 2.4 million US dollars worth of misappropriated royalties before beginning any discussion about reopening the Gold Ridge mine.

The mine shut in April before the landowners were paid.

The Chairman of the council, Dick Douglas, says he is dissappointed that sale negotiations between Australian mine owner St Barbara and the Government are being conducted behind closed doors.

Mr Douglas warns it will all come to nothing if the council's demands are not met.

" We need the government to pay us the shipment 6-45, all that was missappropriated . In any negotiations that will take place in the future, for the reopening of the mine, this has to be sorted out first. And failure to comply to that we will be taking the government on, legal actions on that."

The Chairman of the Gold Ridge Land Owners council, Dick Douglas.

The sun sets over the Port of Honiara in Solomon Islands.

The sun sets over the Port of Honiara in Solomon Islands. Photo: RNZI/Koroi Hawkins