17 Sep 2014

Fiji goes to the polls

8:14 am on 17 September 2014

Thousands of Fijians are voting in the country's first election since the 2006 coup.

600-thousand registered voters must cast their ballot at one of 13-hundred odd pre-assigned polling venues across the Fiji.

Sally Round reports from outside a polling booth in Nadi.

"About 150 were lining up in the shade to vote at St Andrews primary school in Nadi, half an hour before polls opened. About 1600 are expected at the four polling stations here which will stay open till 6 in the evening. Three police are standing-by and observers from from the United States and Indonesia have been in to check on proceedings. Many are out early because they have jobs to go to even though it's a public holiday here in Fiji."

Naim Ali has cast his vote in Fiji's election

Naim Ali has cast his vote Photo: Sally Round