18 Sep 2014

Poor policing perpetuates gender violence in PNG

4:36 pm on 18 September 2014

A human rights non-government organisation in Papua New Guinea says poor law enforcement is perpetuating violence against women.

Violence in PNG is endemic with most women enduring physical attacks at some point but charges are not often brought by police.

Earlier this week, police in Jiwaka Province said a lack of resources curtailed their ability to pursue a man who had allegedly chopped off the legs of his mother in law.

Speaking during a meeting of local human rights NGOs in Kundiawa in Simbu Province, a team leader for Voice for Change, Lilly Besoer, says they are trying to build safer communities.

"The police are under-staffed as well as under-resourced. So we are trying to do an advocacy on ending violence against women and building safer homes and safer communities. And most of the women that we are working with, they are abused, they are not accessing the justice. We have to make the people know the law and they have to use the law."

Voice for Change's Lilly Besoer