26 Sep 2014

Guam man jailed for killing Japanese tourists

10:11 am on 26 September 2014

A Guam man who killed three Japanese tourists and wounded 11 more during a frenzied knife attack on the island has been jailed for three life terms.

Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola said Chad Ryan De Soto had shown no remorse over the brutal attack in February last year and would spend the rest of his life in jail without the prospect of parole.

The Judge told the court that in De Soto's statement to the court, his remorsefulness did not come out, and he concentrated more about his mental illness.

She said De Soto, who was convicted last month after a jury rejected his insanity plea, was likely to commit more crimes unless he was incarcerated.

The 22-year old ploughed his car into a group of people who were enjoying an evening stroll in the tourist district of Tumon, and then leapt from the vehicle and attacked bystanders at random with a knife in each hand.

All of the victims were Japanese, including an eight-month-old baby and three-year-old toddler, who both survived.