29 Sep 2014

Fiji independent plans political party

3:46 pm on 29 September 2014

An independent candidate who failed to get elected in Fiji's polls says she and her supporters plan to set up a political party to fight the next election.

Roshika Deo and the supporters of her "Be the Change Campaign" are also planning a shadow parliament.

She says this would be a training ground for all aspiring politicians wanting to stand in the next election in four years' time.

"So then we want to come out with petitions and submissions and bills that we want to present to the actual parliament ... that you know, these are the issues, this is the discussion, the consensus we've come to and we want our government now to look after our interests and look at some of the issues that have not been discussed, or that have not been addressed, or that affect us."

Roshika Deo says although she is disappointed by the election result, she says Fiji is going through a process of democratisation and she's pleased the 16 to 35 year olds involved in her campaign are eager to keep going.