15 Oct 2014

PNG police investigate hit and run death

5:14 pm on 15 October 2014

The police in Papua New Guinea are appealing for help in its investigation into a hit-and-run incident near the capital Port Moresby which claimed the life of a woman in her late 60s.

Earlier reports said the woman, a street vendor, had been fleeing police when she ran onto a main road and was struck by an oncoming vehicle.

However, one witness said the woman had been fleeing from betel nut rangers when she was struck down by an on-coming vehicle, thought to be a police car.

The National Capital District police commander, Andy Bawa, says he has gone on local media to appeal for people to come forward with any information.

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Photo: RNZ

"There are so many people who were at the scene but people are a little bit reluctant to come forward with the information so I am continuing my attempt to the community that we can not allow someone to be run over by a vehicle."

The National Capital District police commander, Andy Bawa.

The incident has drawn widespread criticism with many PNG blog sites posting a picture of the dead woman and a child weeping over her body.