17 Nov 2014

Solomons Commission says ruling supports democracy

12:25 pm on 17 November 2014

The Solomon Islands Registrar of the Political Parties Commission, Calvin Ziru, says a court ruling that parties must register supports a democratic system.

The High Court has ruled that parties which are not registered under the political parties integrity legislation cannot contest Wednesday's election.

MP Mathew Wale had argued in court that the legislation, which requires political parties to be registered with the Commission, went against his constitutional right to freedom of association.

But Calvin Ziru says the ruling is important for the future of politics in the Solomon Islands.

"It is in favour of the kind of political party system but more importantly the democratic system that we want to have in the Solomon Islands and that is one where political parties are able to register within the ambits of this law."

The Registrar of the Political Parties Commission, Calvin Ziru.