19 Nov 2014

Fiji govt upset at opposition boycott

9:46 am on 19 November 2014

The Fiji government says it's extremely disappointed the opposition SODELPA party has decided to boycott today's special Parliamentary meeting planned for visiting Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

SODEPLA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, says was disappointed to hear that Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama's vote of thanks will not include mention of her as the leader of the opposition.

In turn, the 15 SODELPA members in the new Parliament say they will not attend today's sitting when Mr Modi will give his speech.

The government has replied saying SODELPA's position is an insult to the people of Ba and all Fijians.

It adds that members of SODELPA have put their own political agenda ahead of the national interest.

The government also believes that visiting leaders should not be used to fight petty political battles.

Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Fiji since Indira Gandhi travelled there in 1981.