25 Nov 2014

Chinese man kdinapped and beaten in Tonga

5:06 pm on 25 November 2014

Police in Tonga are investigating the alleged abduction and beating of a 46 year old Chinese man.

The man failed to return home from tending to his crops on Saturday afternoon and police were notified.

He was later discovered on the side of the road in Veitongo and his vehicle was found burnt out in another part of Tongatapu.

Police Commissioner Grant O'Fee says the man was admitted to hospital with bruising around the face and it was clear he had been punched a number of times.

Commissoner O'Fee says there is no indication the crime was race-related.

"It may well be related to the fact that he has a garden plot and he makes a little bit of money out of it but there is no indication that we are aware of yet. It's rather difficult getting information from him at the moment but we will put a bigger picture together as we go on."

The Commissioner say it looks like two people committed the crime.