26 Nov 2014

Wages rises no deterrent for American Samoa cannery

3:05 pm on 26 November 2014

The owner of the StarKist Samoa cannery in Pago Pago is confident the company will overcome any challenge related to federally mandated wage hikes in American Samoa.

Minimum wage hikes in the territory have been on hold since 2009, and the next 50 cent per hour increase is set for September of next year.

American Samoa has lobbied the U.S. Congress to permanently halt all future increases until the local economy improves.

StarKist's chief executive officer and president, Andrew Choe, told reporters in Pago Pago that minimum wage hikes will have some impact on StarKist Samoa, but the company has good local support and a committed workforce.

"We have strong support from the local leadership, so I am confident that we will find a way to overcome the challenge, and still be successful in American Samoa."

StarKist chief executive officer and president Andrew Choe.