26 Nov 2014

Anger in Samoa at failed land mediation

5:28 pm on 26 November 2014

Samoa's Public Trust and the Land and Survey division are embroiled in a land claim and corruption allegations dating back to before independence.

The family of Fuimaono Mika Tiariki alleges 80 hectares of Apia township is legally owned by them.

Speaking after an unsuccessful mediation process this week a family representative, Edmond Parilo, says the family has been trying for 55 years to establish the legitimacy of their claim.

The family says the land had been purchased by their great great grandfather, Tiariki, a Cook Islander, who married their Samoan great great grandmother during the German administration.

Mr Parillo says they hope revealing the truth through further planned mediation will lead to a clean out of the system.

"So that every Samoan, from a child to a young person to an adult to a poor farmer, to the teacher, the nurse, the doctor, the police officer, can have the ability to stand up and speak it as it is."