26 Nov 2014

Vanuatu MP says black magic 'getting out of control'

9:32 pm on 26 November 2014

A Vanuatu opposition MP who believes in 'black magic' says those who use it should face the death penalty.

Willie Jimmy says if he is in Government again he will push for legislation to punish those who practise black magic and protect those who stop people using it.

His comments follow the arrest of a group of church pastors and custom chiefs in Malekula for allegedly ordering the hanging of two men who they claimed were practising black magic.

The police have described the killings as brutal and unlawful.

In a controversial move, Mr Jimmy is defending the killings, saying he believes black magic is getting out of control.

"It is good for the people of the village, it is good for the people of the area, because they will now walk around freely without being intimidated by somebody through the use of black magic."

Willie Jimmy says he does not consider the death penalty an extreme measure.