27 Nov 2014

Sport: SRU to hold urgent board meeting on player dispute

12:00 pm on 27 November 2014

The Samoa Rugby Union plans to hold an urgent board meeting to debate the ongoing dispute with the Manu Samoa players.

Last month a group of senior players raised concerns regarding the governance and management of the union and threatened to boycott last weekend's test against England.

The strike was averted but SRU officials failed to attend meetings in the UK and requests from the Players' Association and members of the Manu Samoa team to discuss the problems have gone unanswered.

The SRU treasurer and board member Paimang Jensen says the Prime Minister is due back in the country on Thursday and once that happens a board meeting will be able to take place.

"Because we have to raise those issues before next year. We have to discuss them and resolve it before next year. We still need to look at it in the long run and resolve all the issues because we don't really understand what the real issues are because they just said it. It was all on the media and what they said there was no round-table discussions on what they mean. They went to the media without coming to the union. All they came to the union for was to ask for their allowances to be increased".