4 Dec 2014

FFA says Tuna Commission meeting frustrating

8:21 am on 4 December 2014

The deputy Director General of the Forum Fisheries Agency has described the discussions at the Tuna Commission meeting in Samoa as frustrating.

Wez Norris says FFA members came to the meeting with a host of conservation proposals but nearly all of them have been met with opposition.

Pacific islands nations are calling for catch a reduction for big eye, skipjack and albacore and stricter enforcement of compliance measures, and other conservation measures.

With just two meeting days left Mr Norris says time is running out for any meaningful resolution to the FFA proposals.

He is appealing to the distant water nations to not just say no but to talk things thorough because no action means trouble.

"So the consequences of inaction can be very dire and no outcome on all of these proposals is a very bad situation."

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Photo: AFP