15 Jan 2015

American Samoa seeks to limit business sponsorship

3:49 pm on 15 January 2015

American Samoa's governor, Lolo Moliga, is resubmitting to the Fono a bill which would limit the ability of businesses to sponsor foreigners.

The bill was approved by the House in the last special session but the Senate did not act on it.

The bill would allow only corporations certified by the Attorney General to sponsor foreigners aliens.

Under it, corporations must provide proof of financial responsibility, proof of timely payment of local taxes, fees and other government charges, an established business plan and proof of good corporate citizenship.

Governor Lolo is concerned that under existing law, an American Samoa corporation may be formed and after the articles of incorporation are approved becomes wholly owned and operated by a foreign national lawfully residing in the territory.

That corporation could then sponsor its owner/operator and any other foreigners.