20 Jan 2015

PNG may restrict communications at Manus

9:54 pm on 20 January 2015

Papua New Guinea's immigration minister says his government is looking at restricting communications at the Manus Island asylum seeker detention centre.

Rimbink Pato has blamed recent unrest at the centre on Australian refugee advocacy groups, saying they're stoking fear by spreading misinformation about PNG.

As part of an agreement with Canberra, those in Manus who are found to be refugees will be resettled in PNG, and not Australia.

Mr Pato says refugee advocates are interfering in the resettlement process and communications restrictionc could be implemented as a result.

"Nobody has access to the centre except the PNG and the Australian government, so with the internet and all the other access that is available, they're directly linking in with the asylum seekers, and so how we can control that information is also being addressed by the Australian government and the PNG government so that they will get correct information that is in their best interests."

Rimbink Pato.

Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato.

Papua New Guinea Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato. Photo: RNZI / Johnny Blades