5 Feb 2015

Fiji TV pleads to government for proper licence

12:28 pm on 5 February 2015

The Fiji TV board says it is regularly asking the Fiji Government for a 12-month licence, but has been unsuccessful.

The Chairman of the board, Ioane Naiveli, says he has written long letters pleading for a proper renewal of the licence for the sake of the company's stability.

Since mid-2012, the Fiji Government has only granted a six-month licence to Fiji TV, after the military-led regime at the time reacted to Fiji TV's coverage of former Prime Ministers.

Ioane Naiveli says as the regulator, the government can do what it likes, and the company must work with it.

"We've been asking them, please, give us, we run a company. We need to look after our shareholders and our profitability, the company should be profitable and we cannot do that with a six month licence. We can, I take it as a challenge, but we can keep on talking with them. Because I sent a long letter asking for a 12-month licence."

The Chairman of Fiji TV, Ioane Naiveli.