7 Feb 2015

Uncertain outlook for Pacific Leaders Meeting

6:31 pm on 7 February 2015

The Lowy Institute for International Policy says there is a sense of anticipation and uncertainty surrounding next month's Pacific Leaders Meeting in Australia.

The special meeting, which is separate to the Pacific Forum Leaders meeting, is being hosted by Australia as a direct result of calls by Fiji for a review of the regional architecture before it reengages with the forum.

The Director of Lowy's Melanesia program, Jenny Hayward Jones, says while Fiji is the instigator of the meeting it is still a valid discussion that needs to happen.

" I think Fiji in particular needs to air with the other leaders what it wants from the forum what it wants from regional architecture. And I think it will be interesting to hear from Australia and others to hear from the region on what they want. I don't think Fiji can claim to have the whole region behind it on its desire to kick Australia and New Zealand out. But it will be interesting to see how much compromise goes on."

The Director of Lowy's Melanesia program, Jenny Hayward Jones.