12 Feb 2015

Fiji police chief says charges a lesson

5:38 pm on 12 February 2015

Fiji's police commissioner says the announcement that eight of his officers have been charged with manslaughter sends a clear message that nobody is above the law.

The director of public prosecutions yesterday announced that eight officers and a soldier have been charged with manslaughter and rape in relation to the death of Vilikesa Soko in police custody last year.

Ben Groenewald says that while it is extremely disappointing that his officers have been charged, it serves as a lesson that no one is above the law and actions bear consequences.

"I'm positive that this will be a deterrent for other people to know that we will not tolerate any police brutality in the execution of their functions and that we will take steps against those people who transgress."

Ben Groenewald says he's satisfied the case has been thoroughly investigated by the force.