16 Feb 2015

PNG parties further solidify coalition

12:32 pm on 16 February 2015

Papua New Guinea's People's National Congress Party and United Resource Party have entered into an alliance agreement to solidify their coalition until the 2017 elections.

The PNC leader and Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, says both parties will provide political stability to ensure the current government maintains its majority in parliament.

The grace period for motions of no-confidence against the Prime Minister lapsed this week, opening an opportunity for the opposition to try and oust the government when parliament resumes.

Speaking on EMTV, Mr O'Neill says the government, which commands a massive majority in the 111-seat parliament, remains stable, and the agreement with the United Resource Party further ensures that.

"Our coalition is very, very stable, for the the first time in the history of our country. I think many of you also know that we are probably the only very stable government in the Pacific given that some of our neighbours are experiencing their own issues."

Peter O'Neill.