23 Feb 2015

Investor says Fiji government will learn from casino setback

1:31 pm on 23 February 2015

An Investment Fiji board member says the government will be better prepared when it searches for a new developer to build the country's first casino.

Last week the government revoked an exclusive gaming licence it issued to One Hundred Sands in 2011, after repeated delays to the project.

Bob Lowres is the owner and developer of Naisoso Island, one of the largest developments in Fiji.

Fiji's failed casino site.

Fiji's failed casino site. Photo: One Hundred Sands

He says there is wide support in the business community for a casino and is pleased the government is still pursuing it.

He says it would help Fiji compete on a global scale.

"In particular the Chinese who are very keen gamblers and we're noting that recently two full charter flights came down from China to Fiji so we know that if we had a casino here there'd probably be a lot more come down as well."

Bob Lowres is confident the government will carry out due diligence when it calls for a new tender.