26 Feb 2015

Fiji military in major iguana-culling operation

1:41 pm on 26 February 2015

A 106-strong team of Fijian soldiers is heading to three islands off the coast of Taveuni for a two-week iguana-culling mission.


iguana Photo: AFP

The American Iguana was illegally introduced to Qamea in the year 2000 and since then has spread to Matagi and Laucala islands, as well as Taveuni.

The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji has said in the past that the American Iguana is a threat to food security as they eat dalo leaves and cassava tops, bele, tomatoes, cabbage, beans and yam vines.

They also pose a danger to native iguanas.

Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho has told the Fiji Sun the soldiers aim to eradicate all the American iguanas on the islands and are armed with 12-gauge shotguns.