Mountaineers to scale CNMI's highest peak

12:09 pm on 27 February 2015

A group of mountaineers trying to scale the highest peaks of all states and territories of the U.S. will again try to summit the Northern Marianas highest point in June.

Agrihan island, CNMI

Agrihan island, CNMI Photo: Supplied

The mayor of the Northern Islands, Jerome Aldan, said the Highpointers Club will visit the Commonwealth to once again to try to climb the 3,166-foot Mt Agrihan volcano, on the island of Agrihan.

Last year, Highpointers Club members John Mitchler and Roger Kaul failed to reach the peak of Mt. Agrihan.

Mr Aldan said the two have contacted his office, saying they will return and attempt to climb it again.

The Highpointers Club consists of nearly 3,000 members interested in climbing the highest point of each state.