4 Mar 2015

Tonga works towards fisheries agreement implementation

5:17 pm on 4 March 2015

Tonga says it hopes a workshop on Port State Measures will help them combat illegal fishing in their waters.

A Palauan law enforcement vessel escorting a Taiwanese long line fishing vessel suspected of illegally shark finning in 2011.

Tonga to fight illegal fishing Photo: AFP / GREENPEACE / ALEX HOFFORD

This week a Forum Fisheries Agency workshop is being held to inform and train local authorities.

The Minister for Fisheries says illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is a global threat to sustainable fisheries.

The Head of Fisheries in Tonga Nunia Mone says the workshop is preparation it prepares to fully implement the Global Agreement on Port State Measures to prevent and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

"There are many things to be done. Regulations, inter-agency colloborations but this is one of the steps taken to work through it. The public awareness and empowering us how to do it, going about the port inspections, what we should do when there are illegal fishing vessels arriving."