5 Mar 2015

ni-Vanuatu called on to honour chiefs

3:56 pm on 5 March 2015

The president of the national council of chiefs in Vanuatu, Chief Senimao Tirsupe, says he expects the people to honour their chiefs today, which is Chief Day and a public holiday.

Vanuatu celebrates its chiefs

Vanuatu celebrates its chiefs Photo: AFP

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He says custom chiefs have played a prominent role in maintaining peace and harmony since the first people settled the islands thousands of years ago.

Chief Tirsupe says chiefs have put their lives on the line on many occasions because the police are outnumbered and in tense situations they do not have the level of respect the chiefs have.

He thanked donors for their contributions towards the Land Reform Programme but he also wants them to help the Vanuatu government set up the Custom Governance System throughout the country.